7 Nights Accommodation with breakfast
Zen & Yoga Retreat Teachings
​11th - 18th September 2019
​9 Rooms Remaining

(2 remaining)

Private (1 person)                  $  850

Share Room per person       $  650
(twin share)

Couple                                     $1050
(with one person attending the retreat)

​(3.5 remaining)

Private (1 person)                  $  975

Share Room per person       $  725

(twin share)

Couple                                     $1200
(with one person attending the retreat)

​(4 remaining)

Private (1 person)                  $1175

Share Room per person       $  825

(twin share)

Couple                                     $1400
(with one person attending the retreat)

To Make a Booking
*  A $350 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space, as we need to pay a deposit to confirm the bookings with the guest house in Bali. 
(Please note; we cover the 3.9% financial charge using the paypal/credit card link below )
*  The deposit is non-refundable unless we can fill your space.  If we fill your space, the $350 less the financial charge will be refunded to your nominated Australian bank account. 
*  An invoice will be issued for the balance payment and is due 1st August.  This will be via a bank transfer.  However, if you require to pay the balance with a credit card or paypal, there is a 3.9% financial charge that we are unable to cover, thank you for understanding. 
*  We endeavour to keep all our retreats at the most reasonable price possible.
*  Balance payment due date will be 40 days prior to arrival.

*  The guest house has given us prices in Indonesian Rupiah.  The exchange rate has been around 10000 for an AUD$1 for around 5 or 6 years.  If the IDR goes above Rp12000/$1 or drops below Rp8000/$1, then  there will be a small adjustment to the price in either your favour with a refund or a request for a little bit more.  If this happens, it will be an insignificant amount for each guest to pay as it would only be on the balance of the amount owing as we would have already paid the deposit.  We are not in a position with the price we are offering to cover more than a 20% drop in the $1 (highly unlikely).
*  Please ensure you contact us to advise your choice of room space, thank you.

Once you have paid your $350 deposit, please contact us and let us know your booking preferences.  We will advise here when certain rooms are no longer available.